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October 21st, 2016

40+ winner Beacon On The Avenue Trinidad
Stradalli Faenza
October 2016
Raphael Figueira

October 18th, 2016

At this year's UCI World Championship in Doha, Qatar, Team STRADALLI – BIKE AID finished on 17th place.
It was the World Championships. The one and only official UCI Road World Championships, held in Doha, Qatar, where every year the fight for the famous rainbow-jersey takes part. This unique and wonderful jersey that stands for the best rider in the world.
Among this spectacle it was again a „small squad“ from Germany in the middle that already surprised a lot during the past 3 years in the world of procycling. Also this time, as not any single person estimated STRADALLI – BIKE AID participating at this year's Worlds. But also no one from the team itself was even dream of that can happen. The excitement was on the edge already before going to Doha, only by receiving the permission to start there as a UCI continental team.
But how should all this now getting realized again, after having already so many races in the books, all over the world and just coming back from Tour of China only 5 days before leaving to Qatar again?
While other competing teams from the World Tour (highest category in world's cycling, budget about 10 to 30 million Euro), employ about 60 staff members around the riders, for a small team like STRADALLI – BIKE AID such an event means mostly: stress, sleepless nights, headache and night shifts to prepare all needed stuff to go to such an event.
Everyone who ever went on holiday with his family knows what it is all about and what things has to be taken into consideration to avoid chaos. But to move a whole team is so much more and demands so much from the involved person to make all this happen: preparing all TT bikes, wheels, discs, tires, packing all tolls (you travel with almost whole repair center), visa formalities, flight bookings, accommodation etc. etc.
The whole delegation of STRADALLI – BIKE AID was about 10 people, but also this was at the lower limit compared to teams like SKY who had actually more Staff as the whole delegation of
And every time again there are things happening you can not take into consideration but they turn an easy travel day into an emotional roller-coaster and an unforgettable event. Even more when you have riders from Africa in your team you must expect everything as the authorities very often make things not so easy.
This time it was Meron Teshome who stood without any bad feelings at the check in counter, presenting his passport, baggage already tagged and transferred but then: "Stop! Your Visa for Qatar", the lady mentioned. After lot of explanations that he is going to the UCI World Championships and the Visa is already issued and waiting at Qatar Airport (same like for everyone else) there was just an indifferent: "no way. You stay here, you can take your baggage in one hour there and there".
Meron had tears in his eyes as it was his first Wolrds in Elite so far and a dream that came true after a season he really worked hard and deserved it. Leaving Meron behind? No way.
After lots of phone calls with the local authorities in Qatar, they sent a confirmation and a copy of the issued visa by messenger to the smartphone. Filled with hope, the boys went to the counter, presenting the Visa and that everything is as it has to be. "No, we need it printed!" (what is the difference?) After another challenge, to print the message and Visa out and another presentation at the desk, the quality of the print was not sufficient. Now they wanted to have a new document officially sent to their email address. Did they really do all to avoid Meron's travel? Sometimes things are not logic and fair, but one for sure: not human!
After again many phone calls the queue at the desk got smaller and smaller and the time to the departure also. The hope that Meron will join us got smaller in the same way. But all of a sudden and after several discussions they received the email from Qatar and accepted the Visa. Meron was in!
When the guys arrived in Qatar, one thing was already clear: it will be hot the upcoming days. Even more than expected and the humidity was still very high even in the night. 42 Celsius was the temperature next day when the guys went out for ride and they could start to imagine how it should be at the race.
But everybody was highly motivated and worked so hard to make this come true, now they wanted to face all these challenges. But in the race it came a little different and the expected performance could not being delivered by the riders.
17th place at the end – from 17. What sounds very terrible in the beginning changes into something different at the 2nd view. It changes more into joy, as disappointment.
Joy, being part of the World Championships, as there are more than 200 professional teams worldwide.
Joy, about the unique opportunity to challenge the best teams in the World, both teams like SKY, BMC ore Etixx-Quickstep who have so much more budget available as the "small German team".
But also joy, that the social background of the team was again in the focus of the press and the team could tell again a different story about how it is possible to change something (article in the Gulftimes)
Most important thing is taking part – this time more than ever, because despite all ambitions and sacrifices the boys did throughout this year and all the good results the team earned in 2016 season – to be at the start of the World Championships is not an everyday thing!

October 12th, 2016

Posted on

Photographs: William Donnarel/Stradalli-Bike Aid

Just over a week before the World Championships team time trial, in Doha, Qatar, Daniel Bichlmann found out he had gone from first reserve to a member of the six-man Stradalli-Bike Aid team for the TTT.

But before he could even think about flying to the Gulf, he needed to get the time off work from his boss first. She could hardly say no to a shot at cycling’s annual blue-riband event.

“She’s been so awesome about this,” Bichlmann says. “She was like: ‘I’m happy for you, but you have to work hard after the world championships.’ I think I still owe her some hours. So, after the Worlds, there is no more time for holidays!”

Bichlmann is a part-time chimney sweep in his native Germany, getting up at half-four in the morning for a twelve-hour shift that involves lying on roofs to clean industrial stacks with long brushes. “You get dirty, really dirty,” he says.

He got into the profession on the advice of former Six Day racer Michael Haase. It is hard work, but because it is part-time by German law, it gives him opportunities to trade his black boiler suit for lycra and race for German UCI Continental squad Stradalli-Bike Aid.


They are globe-trotters, competing in Europe, Asia and Africa, with a specific mission to support African riders; Bichlmann rode alongside Eritrean rider Meron Teshome in their World Championships line-up.

If you’re looking for a good news story amid the WorldTour TTT boycott and criticism of the oppressive Qatar heat, this is it.

“You know the movie Cool Runnings? That’s what we are, more or less,” the Bavarian says, referring to the cult film based on the adventures of the Jamaican bobsleigh team at the 1988 Winter Olympics.

“For the WorldTour guys, it’s like daily business; they go to the Worlds every year. For me, it’s probably a once-in-a-lifetime thing.

“When I was young, I always had these posters from the UCI World Championships on my bedroom wall. Maybe I can make it onto one of the posters in another kid’s room now.”

Bichlmann dreamed of being a top-level racer. He was on the same junior team as John Degenkolb and had an offer to turn pro with Austrian Pro Continental team Elk Haus, which he refused.

“It was the best decision I ever made,” he says. “Well, to be honest, my mum made it. She told me ‘after you get a job, maybe you can do whatever you like for two years.’ I’m pretty sure if I had signed that contract, I wouldn’t be riding now.”

Since joining Bike Aid in 2014, Bichlmann has enjoyed taking the long, exotic route to the World Championships, racing in countries such as Cameroon, China and Colombia. “You realise that you can’t win the Tour de France, that you can’t become world champion.

“But there’s more to cycling than that. Cycling is such a passion. All this travelling, learning languages, meeting people, it’s so nice.”

Bichlmann (l) and Stradalli – Bike Aid training in Mallorca

For Stradalli-Bike Aid, a third-tier squad with no full-time mechanics and a small budget, Sunday’s 40-kilometre team time-trial was like David’s baby brother squaring up to the WorldTour Goliaths. Most of the team holds down a job alongside racing; Bichlmann’s team-mate Joschka Beck is a university student in Kaiserslautern.

Bichlmann and company went all out and finished in last place, seventeenth out of 17 teams, 7-24 behind winners Etixx-Quick Step. But it didn’t matter one bit.

“It’s the pleasure of being there. We take it seriously and do our very best, but it’s not about where we finish… it’s rolling down this start ramp and the dream coming true.”


October 1st, 2016

This year's UCI Road World Championships will be held in Doha, Qatar. And STRADALLI – BIKE AID will be in the middle as the team receives official start allowance from UCI for Team Time Trial.
It sounds again like crazy news or April's fool, but it is true and real. How can it be that a „small team“ goes to the official UCI World Championships and even more: how to try to challenge the „big guys“ from the World Tour such as BMC, SKY or Tinkoff?
Yes, indeed: we have been surprised the same way But we already received the confirmation from UCI in July, so we had enough time to prepare ourselves how we can announce this awesome news. It is a great honor for us but at the same time this opportunity means also a huge responsibility for the team, the riders and all involved people.

Yes, the guys from STRADALLI  – BIKE AID will be for sure the underdogs and the most important thing at this stage so far is sure to be a part of the World championships and that we made it there, but on the other hand everybody is highly motivated and ready to fight with all he has to achieve the best result possible. Six riders will represent the team colors of STRADALLI – BIKE AID besides the best teams in the world.
Also our partners and suppliers were the same way excited as we were when we told these news and there was not just one second of hesitation to support us a little extra for this event.
Team Time Trial is a huge invest in equipment, as it is a lot about aerodynamics etc. The challenge was also to adapt all of our equipment for this special demand and without any question the partners like STRADALLI CYCLE  (TT – frames), Citec (disc – wheels) or Bollé (TT helmets) or Biehler Sportswear with the new developed high tech TT suits jumped on our side and did their utmost to make all this come true. So our riders will definitely look fast when they will climb the starting ramp in Doha.
This event is a real big thing for us and means a Lot . „ STRADALLI - BIKEAID Manager
Given the fact that we actually are a small professional team with limited budget and based on great sponsor and the cycling community we never could imagine that we could take all these steps from winning UCI Africa Tour  to participate as a team in the UCI World Championships . We can not achieve more with the given budget“.

In 2016 Many top 10 results in races of UCI category 1 and HC but also lot of podium places were taken this year. The best result so far was for sure Meron Teshome's 2nd place on stage 11 in Tour of Qinghai Lake (UCI 2.HC) but also Nikodemus Holler delivered many strong performances with good results in the GC in Tour of gabon (UCI 2.1), Ireland or Tour of China. KOM Ireland jersey.
The team currently holds a special training camp in Bad Salzhausen to finetune the technique for team time trial. On Monday October 3rd the last race in the Europe Tour will take place for the team at Münsterland Giro with guys like Marcel Kittel, Mark Cavendish or André Greipel before the riders and staff fly to Doha on next Wednesday

September 28th, 2016

The weather still feels like summer although it is officially fall but at least it felt like a "good" summer day with the humidity a little down and the sun shinning on the FSC racers.  The 6.7 mile challenging race course was in great shape thanks to the Swamp Club volunteers and a timely rain on Saturday evening that really tightened up the course.  There was a new section added this year called "spitfire" and it seemed to be a hit with the racers and had the feel of a amusement park ride as it dipped and rolled through the woods surrounding "North Creek".
On race day the Shimano youth racers took to the trails first with some exciting race action and then at 9:30 the yellow wave hit the first turn and the Protano Law $50 holeshot went to Shawn Smith this week as the riders quickly filed into a fast pace line for the rest of the four lap race.  It was one year ago that Bob McCarty – Team Stradalli - Safetti was suffered a hard fall on this trail and was hospitalized for multiple injuries while racing for the lead and on this day Bob returned with true determination and won a hard fought battle with his competitors and the course to take the Elite class win on his full suspension Stradalli carbon 29er

September 20th, 2016

Nikodemus Holler raced with a constant performance to a great 7th place in the GC of Tour of China while Meron Teshome finished two times Top 10 in the sprint.

Everybody knows what large country China actually is. But not many of us could imagine how big it really is. Allthough we knew that with its 1,4 billion people China has almost 20% of the world's population, it was hard to realize what that means in reality. People where everywhere you look, cars everywhere and just crowded places one after another.

While cities as Berlin are already huge in our middle European understanding, it is not worth to talk about small towns like this in China. It starts with 10 million people to be a city. And when you land in a city named Chongqing, you start to understand that this is just another dimension of everything.

Chongqing – the biggest city on this planet has a surface of 83k square kilometers – the same as whole Austria (a country in Europe) – but with 4 times the population of Austria, 32 Million inhabitants. Awesome, insane or whatever you want to name it. Just unbelievable.

A normal day at this Tour was a little bit the same as at every other stage race so far, but just longer with everything, except the race. Wake up early morning, had breakfast and hed to the race start. 4 hours of racing and then a short shower followed by 6 to 7 hour transfer by bus. Yes, indeed, transfer by bus as the distances in this tour are also unbelievable. On two days the organizer preferred to put the riders and teams into airplanes for transfer as the distance between the cities was about 2.400 kilomterers .

Translated in European way of thinking: race in Frankfurt, transfer to Rome by Bus, then next day flying to Portugal for race and after transfer again to north of Spain. Awesome!

But the riders of team STRADALLI – BIKE AID were highly motivated to show another good stage race and play an important role both in GC and also in the daily sprints of this race that is ranked in UCI category 2.1. While Meron Tehsome finished two times Top 10 in the sprint of stage 1 and 5, Nikodemus Holler also performed well in the mountain stages with his 5th place on stage 3 and 9th in stage 4 that took him to the 7th place in the GC at the end of the race.

Both of the riders got great support from their team-mates who worked really hard to put them in position or defend the position in the GC by chasing down dangerous break-aways or just destroy the break in the beginning. Cycling is a team sport and without a team behind a captain it is nearly impossible to achieve good results. That's what makes a team into a team, to act together, to suffer together and to ride one for all, all for one without any compromise.

„It is really great to see, how the guys sacrificed themselves for me to keep the opportunity upright for me to take this great result in this hard race. I am so proud to have them on my side and that this year this special team spirit is in the team“ Nikodemus Holler said after the final stage.

Meanwhile, Tour of China II is on the run, with mainly flat stages in this second week in a country that is so unbelievable and unique.
We will have updates soon for part II

September 15th, 2016

Stradalli Cycle Full Suspension Carbon Fiber 29er Red 2017 XC Mountain Bike, Shimano XTR Di2, DT Swiss LTD Team Carbon Fork. DT-Swiss X313 LTD Carbon Shock. SLK Carbon Crank set. TrickStuff 4 Piston Brakes, Stradalli Carbon 50mm Wheels

September 2nd, 2016

Our boys from Stradalli - Bike Aid pro cycling team are trying to drop Andrè Greipel the Gorilla at last weeks night Crit in Germany. Not an easy task

August 29th, 2016

Patrick Lechner wins regional championships in hill climbing and Dominik Merseburg takes 2nd place in Lingenfeld Crit race!

It was the hottest weekend of the year, with temperatures about 38 degrees Celcius but the guys from Stradalli - Bike Aid successfully beat the heat. While Patrick Lechner won the regional championship in hill climbing on satruday with a superb ride about 32 km per hour for 6 kilometers, Dominik Merseburg could prove that he is still in good shape and ready for Tour of China in 2 weeks

In a dramatic crit race on sunday afternoon in Lingenfeld, he and the team fought again aginst the experts in crit-racing Team Möbel - Ehrmann. After much effort and a dramatic final, Dominik had to let Simon Nuber take the place on the top of the podium but the team was very happy with his 2nd place: "the team worked really hard and well together for me today. It was a very hard fight with the guys from Ehrman and especially Simon Nuber and in the end he is a legend in crit-racing and for sure deserves to win. But I am very happy with my 2nd place today", Dominik Merseburg said after the race.

Under the watchefull eye of Tom Steinbacher, CEO and owner of Stradalli cycle, it was also Justin Pfaff from Florida who could do his first kilometers of racing in Europe as a new comer for Stradalli-Bike Aid pro cycling team .

Justin also will be racing Tour of China in 2 weeks for the team as his first professional UCI stage race.

August 22nd, 2016

Patrick Lechner sprints to the next podium for STRADALLI-BIKE AID.

Last nights criterium in Rülzheim Germany he could only be beaten by Marcel Fischer and Simon Nuber while Niko Holler team Stradalli- BIKEAID ranks 6th.

It was already late evening, under the floodlight of rülzheim that illuminated the Crit course with lots of corners, when Patrick Lechner stepped up again to the podium. He just finished 3rd in the criterium before and managed to fight against the two leading criterium-teams Möbel Ehrmann and Racing students who showed up with a squad of 8 racers .

After 15 laps in front of the pack, Patrick gained already lot of points and cash money that he could only be beaten in a hard final sprint by Marcel Fischer (Racing Students) and Simon Nuber (Möbel Ehrmann). A great result in a great race where Nikodemus Holler rounded the night up with his awesome 6th place.

Well done team Stradalli - Bikeaid

August 12th, 2016

Tour of China

Again to China - STRADALLI-BIKE AID receives invitation to tour of China (UCI 2.1)

Just back from China, it is time to prepare the bags again. STRADALLI – BIKE AID Procycling team receives invitation to this year's Tour of China in September.

After the team achieved many good results at this year's Tour of Qinghai Lake (UCI 2.HC) in last month, the guys can look forward to travel again to China. The organizing committee of Tour of China send an invitation to the 14 stage Tour of China that leads through that huge country in far east. The race is categorized in UCI class 2.1 and contains many sprint stages but as well couple of very hard mountain stages.

„We are very happy to receive this invitation to another high ranked and well organized stage race in Asia. This invitation shows also a kind of proof of our latest results and progress we did with this team. We are also sure that we will play again a good role especially in the sprint stages with our Sprinter Meron Teshome from Eritrea“ Yves Beau (one of the sporting directors) explained.

The race takes part from September 09 to September 25. Grand Start is in Tianjin near Beijing. 

August 11th, 2016

Team Stradalli-Safetti Pro Cyclist Jose’ Frank Rodriguez (Rep. Dominican
Republic) has been on one amazing ride. A Journey which began 2 years ago where he placed 3rd at the UCI Paralympics World Championship held in Greenville, SC. But the story doesn’t start there. Back In 2002 Jose’ was involved in a near death life changing car accident where his leg was badly crushed from the knee down. A difficult decision, left Doctors almost having to amputate his Left leg from the knee; but with amazing medical technology they were able to save his leg while although still badly scarred and with limited movement; he still and has learned to be a top level pro cyclist with this handicap and still capture countless podium finishes with Non-handicapped riders all over the world and country. A testament to his hard work and a positive attitude; by not letting this otherwise life changing accident keep him from achieving his dream of bringing home a Gold medal for Team Stradalli-Safetti and his country at the Rio’ Paralympics Games in 2016.Competing in roadrace , track and Time Trial , maybe its 3 podiums. He still has one big race left on his calendar which he considers“training”. The Clasico Cayey in Puerto Rico, August 17th-22nd   after that it’s back to the D.R for some Intense Mountain Training and other local races from August 22nd to September 3rd. Then he will travel over to Brazil, September 7th-18th for the Rio’ Paralympics Games; which will be his final challenge to bring home the Gold Medal.
We will keep you updated on his success as we follow this travels.

July 28th, 2016

After Meron has already showed the last two days with 2 times top 10 that he is in a promising shape, the whole team was motivated to step up with great results on today's stage. Knowing about the strength of the fast man from Eritrea, the team wanted to support Meron with no comprimise.

In the final of the stage the team led Meron out in a perfect position to start his sprint and he finished with a great performance only beaten by Jakub Mareczko from Italian Procontinental team Wilier Trestina. Marko Kump from World Tour team Lampre – Merida completed the podium on place 3, who already won 2 stages of this year's Tour of Qinghai Lake.

After taking this great result, Meron Teshome said with a big smile on his face: "today was a perfect day. The whole team comitted yesterday to work very hard to bring me in a good position and the guys did a great job. In the end I had the pressure to finalize the good work and to finish 2nd in such a big race with such great sprinters is just awesome".

July 22nd, 2016

At This year's race edition of Sibiu Cycling Tour, ranked 2.1. category in UCI calendar, led over a prologue and four stages with a lot of high climbing in the middle of Transylvanian mountains in Romania.

The guys from STRADALLI – BIKE AID did a great job throughout the entire week and proofed their ability to act as a real competitive European top pro team.

On stage 1 it was Nikodemus Holler who took the place of the selected sprinter Patrick Lechner as he couldn't make it in the bunch to the finish line due to several technical issues , broken chain then after chasing back a flat front tire blow out on a fast decent .

In the massive fast sprint Niko showed that he is a very smart pro racer and finished on 10th position not bad for a skinny GC guy next to the big sprinters.

The goal was to ride for Niko as a captain in the GC and the team showed that this should not only be a plan. As a 13 man break went away in the beginning of queen-stage number 2 over 213 Kilometers with a 15k finish to the top of a ski mountain , the gap increased rapidly as no team wanted to do the work of controlling the bunch.

After the gap still increased and reached 11 Minutes, the guys from STRADALLI - BIKE AID took over the responsibility and chased the group down to six minutes at 40 Kilometers to go. But then a shock: crash! Niko Holler! His rear derailer is broken and also his knee injured! After a hard fight try back to the group and several times of stopping due to his pain, Nikodemus Holler finished in the last group and remained in the race with his 2 team mates helping to bring him slow but save.

All the hard work for nothing ?

No, he didn't want to let the work of his team mates being unpaid and fought back on stage 4 with another great 7th place. The whole team showed a good performance and the will to ride for his captain without a doubt. Only the crash has left a little scratch on a good picture of the week in Romania.

July 11th, 2016

Hi, for those of you that don't know me very well my name is Angel David Rodriguez, I am a 10 year old from Doral, Florida that love the sport of cycling. When you see this, I will be on my way to California, to compete on a Mountain Bike XC race for the National Title. My performance will be dedicated to all the kids in this World that like me are touched by the Autism Spectrum. On Wednesday about 4:30 pm pacific time, all of you can help me with your thoughts and prayers so we, together can make this happen.
Although I am well prepared mentally and physically by may coach Filippo Barbieri and I will be riding my trusty Stradalli 650 B AKA "The Beauty". Your wishes will be the extra boost needed to get the best result possible. For some of us "Autism is not a disability, it's just a different ability"

June 24th, 2016

(no subject)

Angel David Rodriguez is a 10 year old cyclist who competes in MTB, BMX and Road Racing. He started in motorcross at the age of 2 ½ and was diagnosed with autism at the age of 3 ½ so his father switched him to cycling. He immediately took an interest in mountain biking and has been training with Stradalli Cycle mountain biker Bob McCarty.

His parents believe that cycling has helped tremendously with his autism and Angel competes in races throughout the year. Some of his more impressive accomplishments include:

Winning the State Time Trial Championship the first time he raced a road bike
Cross Country Champ Ages 9-11

Greater than all these accomplishments is the positive attitude Angel has towards life and others with disabilities.

“Angels Racing Together” is a program his parents created where children who are in therapy with Angel are brought to some of his races to cheer him on. Before the race Angel puts the names of each child who is there on the back of his jersey and gives them any medals or trophies he wins on that day. He does this because he wants them to experience some of the joy cycling has brought him.
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June 21st, 2016

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June 20th, 2016

Today was an exciting race day with 2 German classics at the same time. In Bolanden (Rhineland – Palatinum) and Landshut (Bavaria) the guys from Stradalli – BIKE AID proved again they're in great shape.

With its name “Rund um den Donnersberg” (means „thunder“ in German) the race in Bolanden already expected a lot. And indeed it is a race where all year the Elite of the German road cyclists come together to fight against each other and make them suffer a lot. It is one of the few remaining real road races in Germany with 140 hard kilometers. Every single lap from 17 in total there is a 1,5 kilometer climb to leave behind. It doesn't sound  really long, and compared to the alps it is really not, but everyone who ever did a race like this, perfectly knows that if you have to do this 17 times, that is what kills you at the end. And especially when there is a hard sprint at the top of the climb for a prime: that is even worse.

After the first or even second lap everything still feels quite comfortable but then, the 5th or 6th lap, the suffering starts. And you just wish you wouldn’t do this kind of racing.

What is the solution for a situation like this? Not so easy to answer but today three guys found a solution after lap 4 and made their way alone after the top of the climb. Among them: Patrick Lechner from team Stradalli – BIKE AID. He already proved to be in great shape in the Tour of Ireland and after giving his body the needed rest, he continues with great racing! The 3 lads in front harmonized well and quite soon they had a comfortable gap between them and the main bunch of 4:30 minutes.

As they went into the last lap, the gap remained at the same time and it was sure they will race for the victory. After a breathtaking final it was Simon Nuber from Team Möbel Ehrman who won the race and beat Patrick Lechner in the Sprint. The 2nd place is a great result for Patrick and the team, and Meron Amanuel rounded the day up with his 7th place in the following group.

Far more south the second hard race took place. 130 kilometers with more than 2500 meters of climbing makes the “Grand Prix of Baier Bike sport world” to one of the most prestigious races in the south of Germany. Nikodemus Holler on his full carbon Bitonto road bike also made his way into the break-away othat was dominated by the host team with 4 people in it. After a lot of attacks and a lot of rain, Nikodemus tried to put all his cards on the table in the final lap and attacked the break. 1 Kilometer to the finish line the guys behind could catch him with all they had and it was Florenz Knauer who won the race. Niko finished on a great 6th place and continues to show he's in great shape.

A really good race day with good results from the guys of Stradalli – BIKE AID! Well done and keep going next week at the German national Championships!

June 13th, 2016

For the 100th edition of one of the most traditional races in Germany, many World Tour teams were at the start line. Together with Giant – Alpecin, Lotto – Soudal or BMC the guys from Stradalli – BIKE AID had a hard day.

The first edition of this race started in 1908 and since then the riders found the finish year by year in the city of Cologne, one of the biggest cities in Germany with a huge history and tradition. The history of Cologne goes far back to the Romans who named it “Colonia” and it was one of the major cities at the times of the Roman Empire. Lots of battles and war between Romans and Germans took place – a big history that marked all of Europe. Now, more than 2000 years later on a cloudy Sunday morning, there was another battle that took place. But this time on a different kind of battlefield with different kinds of knights using modern kinds of swords to fight. Horses that have two wheels were ridden through the hilly landscape around the city of cologne.

A battlefield with a total distance of 205 Kilometers was ahead of the “black knights” from Stradalli – BIKE AID team. Their mission: conquer the empire of the “dark Lord” André Greipel from the Lotto – Soudal kingdom.

Well, maybe the text would have been like this couple hundred years ago. Today it is more like: Continental Teams trying to present themselves among the Top riders of the World. For sure it is a fight with very different weapons, but still it is worth to fight this fight again and again. Among the best riders were names like: André Greipel (Lotto – Soudal), Taylor Phinney (BMC), Nikias Arndt (Giant – Alpecin) or Sep Vanmarcke (Lotto – Jumbo NL). And what was the plan of the guys from Stradalli – BIKE AID? Well, to put a tiny guy from Eritrea in the middle of the sprint. So far so good. Meron Amanuel, a very fast guy has to sprint against the best of the world. And all other riders would have to protect him and keep him out of all the wind and trouble that can happen during such a long race.

The plan went well, until 30 kilometers to the finish line, when Meron’s back tire punctured in a very bad moment. All that effort for nothing? No, we still had Niko to make an impact. And the small climber made it with his 55 kilos to the top 20 again, among all those sprinters. But he is a very smart guy who knows how to keep position and that led to 17th place at the end.

A great race, a nice day and an awesome city! Thanks a lot Cologne and see you next year!

June 8th, 2016

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June 1st, 2016

Any mountain bike race is tough, especially when it is a stage race. Throw in the fact that the Trans-Sylvania Epic takes place in Central Pennsylvania and you have a challenge in front of you. It’s a challenge that was accepted by the Stradalli Cycle mountain bikers as for the first time the team headed up to PA to take part in the TSEpic. Thanks to the advice and guidance of Cesar Grajales, a veteran of the race, the Stradall Cycle riders were well prepared. However, it’s easy to devalue what a cyclist would say regarding the difficulty of a race, but for non riders who are there as spectators or working the Epic, even they have been humbled by what they see.

Professional photographer Christian McGeachy of Penn State weighed in with his thoughts. “Obviously spending time in Central PA you see a lot of cyclists including mountain bikers. I was excited to work the event because we hear how great the Trans-Sylvania Epic is and how big it has been getting in the last few years. It’s a great event that raises money for very worthy causes. You get to see these amazing areas and sites in the woods, some beautiful destinations any photographer would love to shoot. But to actually see a real race take place is remarkable and the speed these guys are going is something you can’t appreciate unless you are here in person.”

McGeachy was able to get some great footage of Stradalli Cycle mountain bikers Cesar Grajales and Bob McCarty and was impressed with how challenging these trails are. “I don’t know how they do it. The speed they are going at and one mistake they face serious injury. Some of these trails wouldn’t be safe to walk they are so steep and full of debris and these racers come through here on their mountain bikes and aren’t even fazed when something is in their way. Add to that the fact that it is extremely hot and humid here and they do this every day for a week?  When they try to explain that something is easy they say it’s like riding a bike. Well there is nothing easy about what the guys from Stradalli Cycle are doing. It’s truly inspiring. I’ve never been to a mountain bike race and I am so happy to have experienced this. These guys get up and keep going after falls or crashes that most of us would need a week to recover from and then they not only finish the race but race the next day.” 

May 31st, 2016

Heading up to Pennsylvania for the Trans-Sylvania Epic, Cesar Grajales tried to prepare the rest of the Stradalli Cycle racers for what they can expect. Grajales is a veteran of the TSEpic and other stage races and wanted to make sure his team knew what to expect as they prepared to race every day for a week in some of the most beautiful but challenging trails in North America. After a couple of days of racing, it’s been a tough challenge but they guys have all loved the experience.

“Cesar really helped a lot getting us prepared. When you get done with a race you are ready to relax and take it easy, but not here. You have to get ready for the next day, clean your bike and your gear, make sure it is ready to go, watch what you eat and stay hydrated. It’s very humid and hot up here right now but thankfully racing in Florida all the time helps prepare us for that. The trails are really rocky with bigger hills than we see back home and you have to be focused the entire time you are riding because you don’t want to make a mistake.” Bob McCarty

Also racing in the Trans-Sylvania Epic this year is Stradalli Cycle CEO Tom Steinbacher who was very impressed with the course so far and said everyone was having a great time. “It’s a lot of great people and great racing. Everyone is having fun and the trails are very challenging but that’s also part of the fun. It’s great to interact with mountain bikers from different parts of the country who come here each year. People have been asking questions about our mountain bikes and checking them out because they see how well they are handling these trails. It should be an interesting week of racing.”
Stage 8 of An Post Rás (UCI 2.2) in Ireland was the last stage of a wonderful and successful race during the last week. With his 13th place today, Nikodemus Holler seals the win of KOM – jersey on his Stradalli Cycle Bitonto full carbon road bike.

A week full of stress, fighting, suffering and much more has now been left behind. Such a stage race always keeps very special and unique challenges for the riders. And it is not only the pure racing that makes it hard, it is also the psychological part that is a real challenge to everyone.

Not only are the riders concerned it is also the staff that has to bear a lot of the stress and suffering too during such a tough race. Lot of tasks have to be done in a very accurate way but in a short amount of time as the whole pack is moving every day from A to B. Waking up early in the morning, preparing bottles (about 40 per day), food, equipment, tactical briefing and many more. Then race time, pure stress. After the mechanics take their space to clean and service all the bikes and wheels and the physios trying to let the riders relax. Lot to do before the last one turns the light off.
In such conditions and with that amount of stress, it is barely important that the people involved in such a tour have a good relationship and are able to maintain a good mood together during the whole time of the race. If you are inside of all this, you often do not realize the real meaning of what everybody brings in and sacrifices to make the whole thing working. But when you take a step outside of the box and look on all these details, you quickly realize that everybody in a team I a hero on his own way with his own experience and with all he or her does. Just awesome what all people have to bring together that it is possible to bring a team to the start line.

And when all these sacrifices, all this passion and suffer from everybody leads to success at the end, there can be not much more feelings that are better. And tonight the guys from Stradalli – BIKE AID surely deserved it to have a brilliant evening with a lot of fun, as the whole week can be seen as a success.

8 hard stages left behind, lot of stress and hectic, suffer and fight and today it was all about bringing the jersey home. And maybe to have a good sprint for Patrick Lechner again at the end of this 8th stage in Skerries. Unfortunately Patrick got involved into a bad crash in the final lap and his opportunity to do another good result was gone. So it was finally all about bringing Niko’s climbers jersey home. He finished 13th again and finally won the climbers classification and took 10th place in GC.

Congratulations also to Clemens Frankhauser form team Tirol who won the GC of this year’s Rás and who really deserves it! Well done to all of you guys! Now we wish you all a good way back and hope for another great adventures!  
With his awesome ride today in the break, Nikodemus Holler gained more points for the KOM classification and just needs one more point on tomorrow’s last stage of An Post Rás (UCI 2.2)

Sometimes it is the best way to defend, when you attack. But in cycling you don’t want to throw out all your cards too early on the table and attacking the others also brings many risks. But sometimes you get forced to do it by the action of your competitors and you can forget all your plans that you made before.

On today’s penultimate stage of An Post Rás in Ireland, the plan was actually to stay together with the other favorites for the GC and to have a showdown at the last climb of the day – ranked in category 1. But before the first climb there was a break going with the biggest competitor for Niko in the KOM classification and he had to react immediately. So he made his way to the break before the first climb and from there on Niko showed an incredible performance. Winning all KOM’s until the last climb and when his fellows started to fatigue, he took his way alone. He literally put all his cards on the table and now forced the others to react.

Unfortunately the Australian National team had different plans and put all effort to chase Niko down and fight for the GC themselves. In the middle of the cat 1 climb, the Aussies closed the gap with only 5 guys together and an incredible speed. Of course it is the most difficult moment when you get caught in the middle of a climb having already many kilometers of break in the legs.

Despite all efforts and incredible fight, Nikodemus Holler could not follow the Aussies anymore and took his own rhythm. After the decent he fought with another group to come back but when they arrived to the finish they missed by only 56 seconds. Niko finished on 13th place, but made again his way to the podium to receive “his” mountains jersey.

On tomorrow’s last stage he needs just one more point to take this beautiful jersey home and also to finalize a superb week of great racing in Ireland!
Fingers crossed, and never forget the GC

May 27th, 2016

With his 14th place and even more points in the KOM classification on today’s 6th stage of An Post Rás (UCI 2.2) in Ireland, Nikodemus Holler could successfully defend his mountains jersey and still ranks promising in GC.

Actually it should be a day without lot of trouble and a little bit more calm as the previous days. That’s what the riders were thinking. But in reality the stage was again very hectic, nervous and fast in the beginning due to lots of attacks. With 158 kilometers and “only” 3 KOM climbs of category 3 it was not a very hard stage, but at the end it’s the riders who make the race hard. And in the Rás there is no real day to rest or to let you hang around in the pack, as you always have to keep the tension and concentration.

Luckily the “joint-venture” of TeamTirol and Stradalli – BIKE AID succeeded after a while to control the race to make it a little more comfortable for their captains as there is a real day of fight waiting for the guys tomorrow.

At the end of the stage Nikodemus Holler could manage to reach the finish again with the other favorites and keep his promising position in the GC with only 10 seconds back of yellow. In the KOM classification he could increase his gap to 18 points to the second position.

“I still feel very good in the climbs and just didn’t want to invest too much today, as tomorrow will be another hard and probably the decisive day for the GC. But it was also important to me, to win another points for the KOM classification, as this jersey is so beautiful and I want to keep that until Dublin”, Nikodemus Holler described his day.
In the morning before the stage there was some bad news the team received: Joschka Beck couldn’t start the stage as he fell sick and got a fever during the night. We wish him all the best!

Niko Holler extended his lead in the King of the Mountains classification at UCI 2.2 An Post Ras today during Stage 6 through Eastern Ireland.
Stage 6 was not as mountainous as the previous several stages, but it still provided opportunities for the climbers of the race to compete for points on several categorized climbs. The race was hard enough to split the field down to only 50 riders, but the fast flat finish meant Stradalli – Bike Aid team chose to focus on protecting the general classification and king of the mountain classification position held by Holler instead of contesting for the win.
This week at An Post Ras has been about riding as strong as possible as a team to prepare for Qinghai Lake, the most prestigious race on the UCI calendar in Asia. Holler has confirmed all season is ability to lead the team in top level UCI races.
Stradalli – Bike Aid riders Joschka Beck, Patrick Lechner, Damien Garcia and Janvier Hadi have been riding solely to protect Holler and give him the opportunity to chase big wins at An Post Ras. It has been a full team effort to shield Holler from the wind and ensure he makes the front group during every stage of racing. It is very difficult to win a leader’s jersey at a race like An Post Ras, but the goal is very achievable.
Holler still remains 10 seconds away from the leader’s jersey and with several hard stages left the team is going to try everything in the book to gain the lead in the general classification and build on the lead in the King of the Mountains classification.
An Post Ras continues tomorrow with Stage 7, 155 kilometers from Dungarvan to Baltinglass. There will be 4 opportunities for King of the Mountain points. 3 category 3 climbs come early in the race, but the big ascent of the day comes at 110 kilometers. Mount Leinster will give the general classification riders the last opportunity to sort out the overall and the Stradalli – Bike Aid team is looking forward to their defense of the King of the Mountains jersey.

May 26th, 2016

Stage 5 of An Post Ras UCI 2.2 race finished with a small breakaway arriving 27 seconds ahead of the main group. Today Stradalli – Bike Aid missed the breakaway, but the real race for leader’s jerseys was still on in a hard way.

The 166.8 kilometer route saw the riders tackle several categorized climbs which meant many King of the Mountain points were on offer. Stradalli – Bike Aid rider, who was previously placed second in the mountains classification, put his climbing skills to work and reclaimed the King of the Mountains jersey with only three days of racing left.

The mountainous route meant the race would be very hard to control and a break of 6 would eventually go up the road. None of the riders were a huge threat to the general classification, so there wasn’t much motivation from the group to chase late in the race. The team worked to protect Holler and keep him safe from any accidents.

Holler would eventually make the front group of only 28 riders and finish 13th on the day and preserving his top 10 general classification placing. Holler still remains 10 seconds behind the leader’s jersey and with more mountainous stages ahead a general classification win is still well within reach.

Stage 6 from Clonakilty to Dungarvan runs 159.1 kilometers is another hilly route, but will provide the sprinters who make it to the end with a fast flat finish. Out of over 150 riders, only 30-40 riders are consistently making it to the finish in the front group. The weather conditions and routes are proving tough for all riders involved, but the team is positive and are looking forward to another day defending the King of the Mountains jersey and chasing an overall win.

Nikodemus Holler gets back the lead in the KOM classification at An Post Rás (UCI 2.2) in Ireland. After lots of points today, Holler now leads with 11 points ahead of second place.

On today’s fifth stage of An Post Rás the guys from Stradalli – BIKE AID had a lot on their minds with what they wanted to do. In the language of football nowadays everybody talks about “setting goals” and so on. Whatever you may think about those kind of “plans” or “missions” one thing is for sure: in real life it is important to set some goals and to try and reach them as good as possible. And honestly, who wants to go through life without any plan?

Today the riders of team Stradalli – BIKE AID agreed together on 2 main goals: first, to take back the KOM – leader jersey for Nikodemus Holler and second, to try to put pressure on the yellow jersey today.

With these targets in their pocket, the riders from the German team went to the start line ready to fight like hell. Sure, during the Rás it is very hard to control the race as the teams consist only of 5 riders and the race is so nervous and hectic but the guys did the utmost to reach their goals. Again working hard as a team with their Stradalli full carbon Aversa road bikes, they controlled the pack until the first KOM and Nikodemus did the rest. He won the first KOM and took second in the KOM number 2 to win again the third.

With taking all these points, Niko now leads with 11 points ahead of the second and wears the leader jersey of the KOM classification again! A very beautiful one by the way, very colourful!

At the end of the stage, Niko finished with a group of other favorites on 13th place 27 seconds back on the winner Wouter Mol form dutch team De Rijke.

So there is one goal left for the upcoming days, guys!
Congrats Debbie Milne of Stradalli – Papa Johns Women’s Elite Cycling Team on her win today in the 45-49 U.S. National Criterium Championships. Winston – Salem, North Carolina is hosting the master’s national championships for 2016. Thousands of racers from around the United States have traveled to North Carolina to compete for a stars and stripes jersey. Milne has consistently posted great results for Stradalli – Papa Johns. Stradalli Cycle is very proud to have such an incredible rider on our R7. Congrats, Debbie!
You’ve probably heard about stage races before but it was for road races. But a mountain bike stage race isn’t something that comes around that often. There are a few reasons; sponsorship, availability and the commitment needed from riders. That’s why the Trans-Sylvania Epic has become such a popular event. It’s a fundraising event that helps raise money for local central Pennsylvania MTB organizations and causes. But that’s not why the TSEpic has quickly become one of the biggest mountain bike stage races in the country.

A MTB stage race isn’t a joke. It’s one of the most physically and mentally challenging things a cyclist can do. The Trans-Sylvania Epic for example will feature a week of grueling races against some of the best riders in the world and for a very good reason. The best riders want to take on the biggest challenges and nothing beats a stage race in the woods of central Pennsylvania. That’s why over 200 riders from around the world travel to PA for the TSEpic including this years’ roster which will include riders from Stradalli Cycle based on Florida.

“If you want to be in a stage race in the US the Trans-Sylvania Epic is near the top of the list for mountain bikers. Our riders were excited when we told them they were going because many of them have never been in a stage race and they look forward to the opportunity to compete in one against some great riders. Pennsylvania has some great trails and it’s going to be a fun trip. It really is a mountain bike summer camp.” Stradalli Cycle representative

The Epic is quickly becoming one of the biggest stage MTB events in North America, an impressive accomplishment considering this is only the 6th running of the event. With over 200 riders and even more spectators the TSEpic is continuing to get bigger and bigger each year. 

May 25th, 2016

On today’s stage 4 at the tour of Ireland, Stradalli – Bike Aid pro racer Patrick Lechner missed the podium by only a few millimeters, but proved again how fast he is in the sprint.
It was one of those moments, when it is all about a few millimeters, just a few thousands of a second. A moment, when an athlete doesn’t really know what to think about: should he cry or should he be happy? Was it a great performance or was it simply missing the success? Actually it should be a moment of joy and happiness when you finish 4th on a stage of a professional race but somehow there always remains a feeling of an incomplete mission.
Athletes are like this. Always on the run, always about faster, higher, further. But this is exactly the what athletes are made of! Always in mind how to develop and how to improve. When you don’t have this attitude, you will never come to success in competition.
But honestly: what the guys did again today is just awesome! It was a superb performance of the whole team again as they focused on one common goal together: to put the fastest guy in the best position for the sprint. And Patrick delivered massively again! 4th place! In a professional UCI ranked race. What more you can ask for? And Nikodemus Holler well rounded this day with his 9th place in the stage classification.
The only small bad thing today: Niko lost his climbers jersey as there was a break that went away and took the needed points. But he will have his opportunities to fight to get the jersey back during the upcoming days.
Well done guys and go ahead!
Stage 4 of An Post Ras had 4 categorized climbs on the route for the riders to tackle, meaning defending the King of the Mountains jersey which was held by Niko Holler after Stage 3 would be difficult. The team rode strongly to protect Holler, but the team decided the general classification was more important than the mountains leaders jersey.

Holler still sits second on the mountain classification, but moved up in the general classification to 6th place, 10 seconds behind the leader’s jersey for the overall general classification of the race. Holler showed his good form again today with a 9th place finish, but the Stradalli – Bike Aid team’s depth is what is bringing the team such great success.

Stradalli – Bike Aid rider Joschka Beck has been the key domestique for the team, allowing Holler and the other riders to excel in the final. Beck has been more active than any other rider covering breakaways and ensuring Holler doesn’t miss any key moves. Out of 163 riders racing An Post Ras, only 43 finished in the front group. Great teamwork is essential in order to keep key  riders for the general classification in prime position to compete for the win.

Patrick Lechner of Stradalli – Bike Aid, who has been sprinting in fast finishes and riding in support of Holler, finished 4th on today’s stage giving the team two riders in the top 10. An Post – Chain Reaction, Ireland’s top professional team, was the only other team to place two riders in the top 10. Madison Genesis, NFTO and JLT Condor, the top UCI Continental teams from Britain, managed to take minor placings but Stradalli – Bike Aid is doing a great job of controlling the race.

An Post Ras is now halfway finished and continues tomorrow with Stage 5, a 148.3 kilometer route from Sneem to Clonakitty. The route will include 5 more categorized climbs meaning it will be another tough day of racing protecting the general classification aspirations of Niko Holler. The final 3 kilometers of the race will be predominantly flat, but the sprint will be uphill to the finish line which will give Holler and Lechner the perfect opportunity to capitalize on a great job so far at An Post Ras!
If you’ve never been in a mountain bike stage race you should do as much homework on it as possible. Stage races are common and very popular in road racing because they are big events and offer different degrees of racing to keep audiences hooked. Mountain biking is completely different as it is just a battle of consistency and endurance. The Trans-Sylvania Epic is a great example of a mountain bike stage race that has become more popular by the year and will feature over 200 riders this summer. The reasons for its popularity? Competition, fun, adventure and because it offers something completely different than any regular MTB race can.

There are literally dozens of MTB trails throughout Central Pennsylvania which would be at the top of the list for any mountain biker. But if you do not live in the state is it really worth traveling for a single race? Of course not, but a stage race offers you the opportunity to compete on different trails every day. But don’t forget about the competition. This race will have riders from all around the world traveling for the MTB summer camp as they try to test themselves, their bikes and find out who is the best.

“I’ve been riding mountain bikes for over twenty years and I’ve been in some big races but never a stage race. I’ve talked to some friends who have been in them and they tell me it’s a world of difference. Obviously the shorter recovery time but also having to keep up on your bike maintenance. All you want to do after racing is shower off, get something to eat and take a nap. Recovery is so important in this sport but here you have to get stuff done. You have to clean your bike, make any repairs it needs, make sure you have clean clothes for the next day and also watch what you eat and stay hydrated because you are back at it tomorrow. It’s exciting but it’s also going to be a lot of work.” Stradalli Cycle mountain biker Bob McCarty

That may not seem like a lot but for a rider who isn’t used to week-long racing it can be a serious challenge. Every bike will need some type of repair or adjustment made during the week and that’s why you have to bring all the gear, tools and everything else you can think of to the Trans-Sylvania Epic. Stradalli Cycle for example, will be heading up from Florida with 5 racers who will be participating in the TSEpic and will need plenty of gear for each one. Stage races offer much more than the single ones but it is a challenge you cannot prepare yourself for. You have to pack more than you ever have, manage your time better and keep up on recovery, eating and bike maintenance throughout the week if you want to have success.  

May 24th, 2016

Nikodemus Holler impressively proved his climbing abilities on today’s third stage at An Post Ras by taking the overall lead in the KOM’s classification and finishing 3rd at the stage.

“It is always a good feeling if you have something in mind to do and at the end you succeed with that but in cycling it is not always the case. Honestly speaking it is very rare that this happens as the sport is so complex and there are so many things that can be an influence. But today, was exactly that day where things came together and at the end you reach your goal.”

After Patrick Lechner’s 6th place finish yesterday the team had a clear mission. On today’s schedule: 133 hard kilometers, with a steep climb of the first category 7 kilometers to the finish line. It was expected to be a hard day for the contenders for the GC.

The goal for the guys from Stradalli – BIKE AID was clear: keeping the captain Nikodemus Holler in a good position before the climb so he can put all his focus on delivering his best performance without any obstacles or the risk of a crash. Set and done, the guys protected him so well and especially Joschka Beck worked hard as a tank to bring his man in the final climb. Now it was all on Niko to show the performance that he delivered throughout the last couple of weeks.

And what he did was amazing! He won the KOM and took the jersey for best climber, but when he turned around he saw just 4 other guys who were able to follow his wheel. And now the direction was clear: full gas to the finish, all that he had left! 7 Kilometers almost all downhill and just a slight uphill finish. It was the Brit, James Gullen who risked everything and set the final attack with 500 meters to go when he made a gap to the other fellows.

At the end he won the stage by 2 seconds and Nikodemus finished 3rd after the Kiwi Aaron Gate. Also in the same time, former Ràs winner and favorite for the GC Clemens Frankhauser from Austrian Proteam “Tirol” who took the overall lead and the yellow jersey.

Niko is ranking 7th now in the GC with 10 seconds back on Frankhauser. A good position for the upcoming days!
Niko Holler finishes third and takes mountains leader’s jersey on stage 3 of An Post Ras (UCI 2.2) in Ireland

Stage 3 of Tour of Ireland gave the riders several opportunities for King of the Mountain points as well as sprint points. The stage was consistently hilly meaning the climbers would have their opportunity to shine. Today’s stage required top level teamwork to claim the stage win.

All day the Stradalli – Bike Aid team rode in support of Niko Holler, who would capitalize on every opportunity the team provided him.

Stage 3 is the shortest of all the stages at 133.2 kilometers, but it confronted the riders with the most difficult terrain. The beginning of the stage was flat, but the riders rode aggressively to take the early sprint points on offer. Many of the riders had put in huge amounts of work before the first ascent of the category 3 Knockabout Cross mountain at 51 kilometers.

The riders who made it over the top of the first ascent in the main group competed for more sprint points at the 60 kilometer mark. The Stradalli – Bike Aid riders were busy all day controlling the race. Even Patrick Lechner, who finished 6th in the sprint on stage 2, rode his hardest to support Holler all the way to the final category 1 ascent of Conor Pass.

In the toughest race in Ireland, Holler finished 3rd and now holds the mountains leaders jersey. Stage 4 continues tomorrow with 162.8 kilometer mountainous stage with 4 categorized climbs.
With a massive sprint final and the perfect help of his team mates, Patrick Lechner proved his good shape and sprinted to 6th place on today’s stage at Tour of Ireland.
It was the longest stage of the tour today, with 188 kilometers from Mullingar to Charleville through the heart of the Emerald Isle. To participate at The Ràs is always very special. This race is more than just a normal stage race. It has the character of a big tradition in Ireland and it seems that everybody celebrates The Ràs when it rolls through the villages.

Also the Irish county teams are every year more than motivated to fight against the professional teams from Europe and give the best they have to make the race as hard as possible for them. Couple of times this also leads to nervous and hectic race and leads to crashes from time to time. And you can believe: to get down on Irish roads hurts like hell, as the asphalt is very hard and not friendly to skin and bones. This is also what makes this race so unique and special!

Today’s stage had all what it needs to have an interesting race day. It began very fast and hectic. The peloton did 51 Kilometers during the first hour and one attack was followed by the next as there are also many young riders who are very motivated and aggressive. After a while a 2 man break away made it and reached a gap of 7 minutes until the pack started to bring them back. Road racing is not a kind of mathematics where you can always calculate everything, as there are so many influences why things are as they are. Road racing is such a complex sport and we all love this pure kind of sports. In the end the two guys could take a couple of seconds to the finish and fought among themselves for the victory. Behind them the real race went on. Sprint preparations, positioning and fighting for every centimeter. That is what it is about when the pack arrives to the finish line.

The Stradalli – BIKE AID boys did so well today. It needs a lot of teamwork to be successful as a rider. Especially in the sprint you need to rely on your team mates. When you ride alongside your competitors with couple of millimeters of distance, speeding up to 70 kph and fighting with all you have your teammates make all the difference. It is scary to think about. In the last kilometer nobody really takes this in mind. Today it was Nikodemus Holler who brought the guys in position and Joschka Beck was leading Patrick Lechner out to the final sprint. One by one they all did a good job and just a crash in front of them avoided more. Patrick sprinted to 4th place of the pack and reached 6th place on stage result!

May 20th, 2016

The An Post Ras Ireland is the most prestigious race in Ireland, begins May 22 and Stradalli – Bike Aid pro cycling team will bring a full A-squad to compete for the overall of the 8-day UCI 2.2 stage race.

The Ras has been sponsored by An Post for the past six years, but has been a mainstay in the top level of Irish racing since 1953. The race regularly attracts top teams from all over the world. In attendance this year will be well known trade teams such as Madison Genesis UCI Continental Team and JLT Condor presented by Mavic from Britain.

The An Post Ras is noted for being a tough race due to the hills and volatile weather. The weather in Ireland is consistently rainy and windy. The hilly terrain of Ireland combined with the weather will ensure all teams will have a tough time fighting for the leader’s jersey over the course of 8 stages.

A team containing a mix of German , French and African riders will contest An Post Ras while another top level group of Stradalli – BikeAid Riders will make their to Wales for UCI 1.1 Velothon Wales, a race also historically frequented by top level professional riders from Europe.

The team is finalizing their preparations for the race. Stradalli – Bike Aid team management are taking the ferry from Dunkerque, France to Dover in the United Kingdom so they can safely transport team cars, busses, bikes and gear necessary to complete a long block of racing in Great Britain.
With a great start to the season including strong outings in Frankfurt and Belgium, the Stradalli – Bike Aid team has shown they can ride with the top teams in the world. That includes pro racer Nikodemus Holler who is having a great season.

Holler and teammate Dominik Merseburg competed in the Grand Prix of Modelstadt Ruck in a 120 kilometer long crit-race. It is a challenging race that demands a lot from the riders and thanks to the big money prizes, is always a battle. Riders from Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands compete in the race.

After a really tough start, Holler showed his ability to read a race and made it up into the decisive break of the day where he was able to continue fighting on his Stradalli Bitonto full carbon road bike. An exceptional climber but not known for his sprinting it was a challenge for Holler to hang in with the lead pack. He finished 6th in the race won by Daniel Klemme.

The rest of the Stradalli – Bike Aid were heading to another part of Germany for a race in Villingen – Schwenningen. Patrick Lechner, Matthias Schnapka Joschka Beck are joining Janvier Hadi and Jean-Bosco Nsengimana from Rwanda in the 130 kilometer road race that will be full of tough windy conditions and a strong field. The team battled and stayed around the lead the entire race with Lechner and Beck finishing 14th and 16th.

May 19th, 2016

Summer time is camping time. There is nothing better than an outdoor adventure on your mountain bike. No matter where you live it isn’t a short trip to some great camping location and if you are lucky enough to be near a great camp spot you want to take full advantage of it. That includes enjoying activities like fishing, hiking and of course mountain biking. But while the idea seems awesome there is a lot of work for you to do in order to prepare. Here are a few tips to help you get ready for a great adventure:

1. Pack a lot but pack smart: Make a list of every single thing you need. Medications, changes of clothes, flash lights and everything else. Obviously there’s a huge difference if you are driving your car and bringing your bike versus if you are just riding. Pack what you need, not what you want to have.
2. Remember the bike: Blown tubes, adjustments and other things. Be prepared for what you need to fix your bike on the spot.
3. Know the location: If you are going to the local state park that’s one thing. If you are going to a big event like the Trans-Sylvania Epic mountain bike stage race in Central PA that’s a completely different story. Learn as much information about the location as you can.
4. Type of bicycle: This is a good question if you haven’t bought one yet or if you need to upgrade your current one. Not all mountain bikes are made equal but it’s important to remember that you need to find a quality bike at a fair price. If you plan on taking an MTB on a camping trip you definitely want to get a full carbon one because it is light weight and much more durable.

Make sure you pack exactly what you need and to save space think ahead on what exactly you are taking. A list not only helps you plan better but it also helps eliminate forgetting anything you may need. Check out the information available for where you are going to be staying, even if it is somewhere local and once you have done all that prepare for a great mountain bike and camping trip.

May 13th, 2016

While South Florida may not be the center of the United States cycling community, it is starting to produce some of the best cyclists in the sport. A great example of that is Stradalli Cycle – Papa John’s Pizza cyclist Madison Kelly who at the age of only 23 already has multiple wins on her resume.

Unlike many of the pro cyclists from Florida, Madison didn’t get into the sport at a young age. While traveling with her mother, Tish Kelly, Madison decided to try one of her moms’ bikes and was instantly hooked. Upon returning to the US she joined group rides and was not only dominant against riders in her age group but started to beat men and women with years of experience riding.

It wasn’t long before she was climbing the rankings. Going from category 4 to 1 takes the best cyclists years to accomplish. Madison did it in only eight months. Last year went on to win the Florida State Criterium Championship along with many other races.
Having graduated from Eckerd College, Madison has been competing in many of the top pro category 1-2 races around the country including the Tour of America’s Dairyland, the Gateway Cup as well as the Boston Mayor’s Cup.

With a huge interest in both road and crits racing, a great team, experience coaches and her Stradalli R7 full carbon road bike, Madison Kelly is on the fast track to becoming an elite cyclist.
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